06 Jun Parks, Hedgehogs & Him.

A & I make sure to take Piglet and Lola out at least once every week since we couldn’t seem to find a decent wheel for them to run around on. Malaysia’s weather has been extra hot lately but we were lucky that it was breezy and cloudy that evening. A part of me do wish that we were at Central park or Hyde park but this will suffice for now! #begrateful
Besides suffering from a crazy headache (pms yo), it was a pretty good evening. Here’s a little outfit of the day for you lovely people. Credits to A for the amazing photography skills of course.Trying to catch piglet from falling off my feet.In case if you’re wondering, Piglet is my hedgehog. He’s two months old and he is very tame. He’s getting around to liking bath time now. He understands everything I tell him.Piglet peeking into Lola’s carrier cage. Naughty!And here’s darling Piglet, trying to chew on my handbag.
So this beauty here is Lola. Lola belongs to A and he got her two days after I got Piglet. He fell in love with the idea of owning a hedgehog. However, A loves all things unique and exotic, so he settled for an albino hedgehog. It was either an all black hedgehog, or an all white hedgehog, nothing in between, he decided. Lola is a little younger than Piglet, and we’re planning to mate them when they’re much older.

Frankly speaking, Lola’s quills (duri) is sharper and more painful if pricked, compared to Piglet. She’s not as tame or as nice around crowds if compared to Piglet. Lola is most comfortable around A and she loves to snuggle in his and only his shirt. What? I’m not jealous.
Lola loves taking pictures, she’s a natural when it comes to posing.See what I mean? She doesn’t mind if A’s the one playing with her, but not anyone else. Or maybe A’s the one who is really good around hedgehogs? Maybe A is secretly a hedgehog whisperer. OMG!P/s: I took this picture!Lastly, there’s A. There’s only just A.  I look at him and I see all the potential the world could offer him and all the amazing opportunities that awaits him. He makes me happiest. Thank you for always being patient. I couldn’t ask for a better life partner.Here’s slowly making us public, love.

  • Afiqah Farhanah
    Posted at 10:21h, 07 June Reply

    hi Faa! may i know what Camera you're using? thanks x

  • anys nadhilah
    Posted at 14:43h, 09 June Reply

    glad to see you have one and hopefully both of you will get married soon 🙂

  • Numa DM
    Posted at 20:36h, 16 June Reply

    Known him since 2010 during high school, and he's such a great human being. Showering both of you with blessings, and wishing you the best of luck in the future. God bless xoxo

    P/s: Kindly send my regard to him if he's still remember this partially anonymous human.

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