08 Jul Review: Beauty White Soap

Hi everyone! Eid mubarak!! Speaking of Eid, I bet most of you girls are already preparing yourselves to look absolutely fabulous for that special someone, for an event, for your friends, or even better, for yourself! Well if you are looking for an all natural whitening product, this post is the post for you.This my friends, is called Beauty White by BeautyBaby face and body soap for instant brightening results! BeautyBaby sent me a sample soap and sadly, I finished the whole bar in lesser than 2 weeks, which made me feel very sad as I was very much attached to the soap. Sobs.As you can see, it whitens, moisturises, removes unwanted pimples blackheads whiteheads etc., AND provides sun protection with a total of SPF 50++.Now I don’t know how it works as a sunscreen but I can assure you that it removes all dirts PLUS makeup. Yep. You heard me. Removes makeup! This makes a lot of sense as shown from the picture above, it has coconut oil which acts as an all natural makeup remover! But make sure y’all use a proper toner and moisturiser once you’ve used BeautyBaby’s soap!Not only that, it’s so versatile to the point where I use it as a body soap as well. I use it on my back mostly because I had pimples on my back which are now gone! Brilliant! I really do need to get myself one more soon..The other thing I love about their company is they keep making giveaways for the public! Not a lot of companies do this, and I really think they should because it keeps the public wanting more (like me, hehe).So if you girls are interested (which I’m sure you are by now), go ahead to their instagram acount @beautybabyskincare @beautybabyskincare @beautybabyskincare @beautybabyskincare or you can order straightaway by whatsapp-ing them on 0182177582 to place your orders.I hope this post has inspired you to pay more attention to your skin and yourself, until my next post. Much love, faa! 🙂



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