01 Nov SK-II R.N.A. Power Radical New Age Essence and Cream Review

I am aware that SK-II is a high end and it is pretty expensive as compared to drugstore skin care products, however, I was given a chance to work/collaborate with them and boy oh boy I am definitely going to start saving up to buy more products for my skin! After nearly two months of using SK-II products, I can tell that I will be investing on more SK-II products. SK-II gladly sent over their new skincare range which is “THE NEXT GENERATION OF ANTI-AGING: R.N.A. POWER SK-II reinvents anti-aging skincare with the new R.N.A. Power duo”.

The new R.N.A. Power line is the culmination of SK-II’s expertise in the field of anti-aging skincare science.
The two products in the anti-aging line, R.N.A. Power Cream and R.N.A. Power Essence, are powered by SK-II’s unique new Pitera™ x Radical New Age Complex, which works to activate firmness from every angle, while crosswise firmness results in less visible pores.

R.N.A. Power Cream is a rich moisturizing cream that gives skin firmness and it’ll make your skin smoother, tighter, and more radiant (how I achieve the glowing skin look) over time.

• After 1 day: Pores are less visible
• After 10 days: Noticeable improvement in multiple signs of aging, including increased hydration and firmness, smoother texture, better elasticity, and improvements in dullness and the appearance of wrinkles
• According to the website, after 1 jar: Lines and nasolabial folds appear less define. I simply cannot wait to see the results for this!

R.N.A. Power Essence quickly absorbs into my skin and fills in pores, making my skin smoother and plumper which also makes applying makeup much easier. I always use my power essence before I use the power cream as logically, you should apply the lighter formulation (power essence/serum of any kind) first.

• After 1 day: Less visible pores and skin is bouncier
• After 10 days: Skin is glowing with increased hydration and firmness, and improved texture
• According to the website, after 1 bottle: Significant improvement in the emerging signs of aging, with noticeable reduction in the appearance of pores and wrinkles

When used together, R.N.A. Power Cream and R.N.A. Power Essence ensures the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more youthful. With this new R.N.A. Power duo, women of every age can take control of their destiny to feel confident in their skin from every angle for years to come. Thanks to SK-II, the powera  to change your destiny is now in your hands.

If you’re more of a visual kinda girl, here’s a YouTube review I made on SK-II’s products:

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