05 Dec My Shopping Experience with 11street

Recently I had the opportunity to work with 11street. I must admit that I’ve never heard of them before until they emailed me for a mini collaboration, and boy was I thrilled!My overall experience of shooting with 11street was
super fun and stay tuned for my new video about them!But my point of this blogpost isn’t to talk about
my shooting experience, rather to share with you girls about my online shopping
experience. 11street gave me a task – shop outfit for a casual evening look,
including makeup!Things that I ordered for a casual evening look:

1. A long cardigan in black
2. Satin tunic top in copper
3. Zara inspired patched jeans
4. Pearl earrings
5. Clio liquid liner & lipstick

And 11street gave me
a surprise package! More makeup from Face Shop and a few other Korean brands!

Loving each of them!I ordered the long black cardigan which makes the whole look more modest and I personally feel should be in every hijabi’s closet. The copper satin tunic top is so that I could ampt up my look, a pair of Zara inspired jeans – note the black patches that came along with the jeans and I bought it in a size M btw if you’re wondering, lastly of course, my very first pearl earrings.I used all of the makeup from various makeup brands to create this lookand I used thefaceshop’s cushion foundation to create the flawless base in this picture.I was truly flabbergasted by the quality of the Korean makeup brands. As
you girls are aware, I would typically stick my usual Western brands but the
products that I tried in this blogpost really did change my perception towards
Korean brands. I’m definitely going to purchase more online!Watch my video here to find out more about 11street! From searching the
product you really want, receiving package and reviewing the items!

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