09 Feb The Monkey King 2

Never thought I would be saying this but
WOW! When I watch the trailer to The Monkey King 2 it was really impressive.

My friends were telling me all about it and asking me if I was going to watch
it so I thought why not? It’s a fantasy action packed movie from the famous
Chinese classic novel Journey to the West
with a wonderful cast.

So I grabbed my girlfriends and brought them with me to watch The Monkey King 2
plus it was my excuse to watch Aaron Kwok play the role of a Monkey King 🙂

After the movie we were smiling from ear to
ear and we couldn’t stop talking about how the movie was so exciting and
thrilling that it made us want more! Hahaha The cast were awesome, the hard
work they put in to make it look as real as possible and Gong Li was really
pretty!!! Not forgetting the superstar main cast Aaron Kwok who did all those
stunts while protecting his ‘sifu’ or master from being eaten by the white-bone

I must say that their costumes and make up
were done really well! If you compare the cast’s real face to their characters
you won’t believe that it is them at ALL. Thumb up the production team on a
great job and mind-blowing movie.

Not sure about what to do this holiday?
Head over to the cinema and catch The Monkey King 2 because this action packed
movie is not to be missed!

Hurry go watch ok 🙂

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