02 Mar Drugstore Makeup Alert: Canmake Tokyo Review

I got the courtesy of trying out the CANMAKE Tokyo cosmetics thanks to Guardian Malaysia. A little
introduction and background about CANMAKE, it is a Japanese makeup brand that was
created by IDA Laboratories back in1985. CANMAKE has been developing a wide
range of makeup products with fresh and vibrant colors that lives up to its
“girly, pop and shiny” slogan. I received a bunch of cosmetics from
them and in this blogpost I have prepared a “late-for-work” makeup tutorial for
you! As you girls are aware, I’ve started my internship with an advertising
company. I use up most of my free time to sleep and rest, therefore I have sort
of mastered the art of doing my makeup in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1: Apply CANMAKE’s Colour
Mixing Concealer
to areas needed. I applied the lightest shade under my
eyes and at the highest points of my face, and then I used the middle shade to
cover up my acne scars. I skipped foundation because let’s face it, we’re in a
rush for work!
Step 2: Use CANMAKE’s Marshmallow
Finish Powder
to set the concealer. I used it everywhere except on the
apples of my cheeks because I wanted that part of my face to look dewy. I love
that it has the sponge applicator, it makes it easier for me to carry around in
my handbag without having the need to carry a brush in case if I needed to
touch up throughout the day. The mirror for this is quite big too which is very
Step 3: Apply CANMAKE’s Lip
& Cheek Gel
to the apples of my cheeks and blended it out with my
fingers. This was my first time using a gel blush, and it was revolutionary – a
whole new experience for me! It’s so much easier to blend rather than cream
blushes. I find that the gel blush from CANMAKE is lightweight so it is literally
suitable for Malaysia’s scorching hot weather. I also applied some on my lips
to add colour and stop myself from looking too pale.

Step 4: Once the cheeks are alive and perky, it’s time to
work on the brows. I outlined my brows with a brow pencil, and then filled them
in with CANMAKE’s Eyebrow Liquid.
Again, this was my first time using an eyebrow liquid and I’m never skipping
this step for my eyebrow routine ever! It effortlessly adds volume to my brows.
My advice is to only focus it on the middle and the ends of your brows. This is
genuinely an easy product to use and it’s definitely going to be everybody’s
Step 5: Secret Color
! Before lining my eyes, I applied the darkest gold-ish brown shade all
over my eyelid, and the light gold shade on my inner corner, brow bone and
middle part of the lid. This took my less than 20 seconds. Remember, looking
fresh but doing everything quickly is key in order to arrive on time for work!

Step 6: I used CANMAKE’s Strong
Eyes Liner
in dark brown. I focused on achieving a basic straight line,
nothing crazy here as I wanted to look as minimal as I can for work. The liquid
eyeliner from CANMAKE draws on light brown, but once it’s dried, it turned dark
brown and I promise you this liquid eyeliner did not budge at all. This
surprised me a lot as you girls know, I have very teary and sensitive eyes. It
was like magic I tell you.

Step 7: My brows and eyeliner went on smoothly, so I felt
pretty good about myself at this point. To finish the whole look, I applied
CANMAKE’s Flaring Curl Mascara to
make my eyes look more awake. I noticed that the mascara had fibers in it
adding length to my lashes! Correct me if I’m wrong!

Step 8: I am a blush kinda girl, I like having flushed
cheeks and my tip to this is to apply some on the bridge of your nose. It gives
a sunburn effect! So I decided to pack on the Glow Fleur Blush from CANMAKE. They sent of a pink shade and a
slightly orange shade to me, but I went for the pinkier shade to match my lips!
Step 9: I also received this peculiar clear Your Lip Only Gloss with SPF15. I was
skeptical at first, but as soon as they were on my lips, I instantly fell in
love. They don’t smell like anything and the gloss didn’t feel sticky. What
more could you ask from a lipgloss? It even has SPF in it, you girls definitely
need this in your life!

Close up photo of my eye! As you can see the shimmer does
help to brighten up my eye area making it pop!

So these are the finished makeup look! (before & after)
Look at how well the concealer and powder did covering up my
dark circles and acne scars!
I also love the gradient effect my brows achieved from the
eyebrow liquid.
And my lips looked really full thanks to the lipgloss!
Almost effortless beauty!
I hope you girls enjoyed this little tutorial. Good news is,
you may purchase all the products above from local Guardian stores now!

Also, tell me if you would like more of these kind of
blogpost where I incorporate products and make makeup looks or give you makeup
tips and hacks. Until my next post! x
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