14 Apr SK-II’s GenOptics Aura Essence & Spot Essence

Hi girls, Answer me this:What would the result be if damage to the skin is caused by UV exposure?
a. Spots
b.  Darkness
c.  Hidden issues that aren’t visible yet
d. All of the aboveWell??? The correct answer is: d. All of the above!Have you all wondered how spots and darkness come about? It is the visible effects caused by UV damage plus there are also hidden effects that lurk beneath the surface of the skin. Just because you don’t see the effects of UV damage on your skin in your 20s, that doesn’t mean they’re not there – hidden spots caused by UV exposure can take years to appear, so why wait for it to happen? I think we need to take action before it’s too late.

I was privileged enough to be invited to SK-II Genoptics and #changedestiny World at KLCC and Yuna was there too!!! Guess what? I was able to get my hands on the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence woohoo! I’ve always loved how SK-II takes on an active role to research and discover how extended UV exposure damages the skin. Based on their findings 10 skin parameters can be damaged at one time and the hidden damages appear as ‘clouds’ within the skin, blocking the skin’s natural aura and radiance.

My skin has hyper-pigmentation, freckles and acne scars too. No amount of foundation can cover those imperfections. The only way is to eliminate it via laser treatment. At the moment, I can’t afford that nor do I have anybody to sponsor me. Thus the GenOptics Aura Essence is my next best option and alternative for me! I like to use this before my moisturiser, but after my toner. It comes with a new auto-fill dropper that dispenses the optimal amount but sometimes, I double up the amount at night just to get the best results. If you’ve been noticing my instagram I’m sure you can see the difference!

SK-II discovered via its first – in – the world research that UV exposure damages the skin by causing hidden spots and cloudy appearances at the same time; through SK-II’s 10- year skin tracking study (Akita study) observed that there is a visible loss in radiance and more age spots over time. Through these discoveries SK-II was inspired to launch the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence. This wonderful addition contains an infusion of Prunus extract and concentrated Pitera™, besides the active whitening ingredient D-melano P3C™ helps to tackle spots and skin clouds before they surface.

GenOptics Aura Essence contains two new ingredients – Prunus extract and Inositol – that are absent from Cellumination Aura Essence. It is said that after eight weeks of constant use of the GenOptics Aura Essence, it will improve the skin’s spot-less and cloudless aura with significant reduction in age spots and melanin as well as visible improvements to your skin tone. Woohoo how great is that!?

Not stopping there SK-II found that even little to no UV exposure can result to visible age spots and darker skin tone as time pass because it produces excess melanin and hidden spots. So SK-II decided to couple the SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence with SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence the latest spot reducing serum created with a new formula Spot Resist Complex that will replace Whitening Power Spots Specialist. Now that is what I call a power couple!

My take on this would be to GO TRY IT out yourself and share with me what you think and how it has helped you. Remember don’t let your aura be dampened by the sun’s UV rays and take care.

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