29 Apr Water For Life!

You know how sometimes water runs out from your own home and it annoys you so much because almost everything you do is limited. Imagine having to live with difficulties such as not being able to properly clean your private parts or getting sufficient and clean water daily! Well, that was what the residents of Kampung Peta had to live with as it is located deep within the Endau Rompin forest reserve. Home to 300 families from the Jakun tribe, residents were previously supplied water via a basic piped system that connected the village to a nearby water catchment area. PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad (PDB) has expanded its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, called Water For Life, to benefit the villagers of Kampung Peta in Mersing, Johor to ensure they have better and more stable access to clean water supply.




I think this is an amazing cause. I’m super happy that they called out for me to join them and experience everything firsthand! We departed from KLCC last Friday, 8AM via van. And by 1pm, we reached Kahang, Kluang and had briyani gam which was super duper delicious! But I fell asleep in the van straightaway. Blame it on the delicious Briyani! We changed into a four wheel drive and made our way deeper into the forest reserve where our little chalets await us.


Besides myself and the Petronas volunteers, there was Budiey, another influencer and Lina, a reporter from Sin Chew daily that joined the CSR programme! That night, all of us relaxed and sat down together in the living room and talked about life. The volunteers gave me some pretty great advice, generally on life which I will take with me to my grave. The next morning after breakfast, we made our way into Kampung Peta.





To meet the needs of Kampung Peta, volunteers from PDB have installed four 100-litre water tanks and other related equipment to build rain water harvesting systems that would ensure water supply all year round. With access to clean water, it will also improve sanitation, which in turn will promote overall improvement in hygiene, health and development within the target communities





To find out more about PETRONAS and its community work, visit www.mymesra.com.my or keep up to date by downloading the PETRONAS Pitstop App on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.

  • Nurra Farisha
    Posted at 06:41h, 30 August Reply

    i would love to join this program!!! i mean like, it is a charity work right? what else could you do other than helping them in this way?

  • marissa zawawi
    Posted at 15:27h, 30 August Reply

    you’re are so adventurous and kind to help those people who are in need of water. It looks fun and it will be a very fun thing today other than staying at home and pergi sekolah ☹️ I once went to a forest and I’m telling you, I LOVE NATURE💌 helping people who are in need of something and having a new experience are something that I would volunteer for. Have been wanting to be a young change maker (im 14 hehe) since 12. I’ve once experienced helping anak-anak yatim to get medical checkup and it was fun!! met new friends and they were very kind 💌 Love seeing you join the volunteers . Keep it up!! xoxo 😘

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