06 Sep Me Time with NIVEA Skin Delight

I believe everyone has their own ways for relaxation. But imagine this: Lighted candles, a good book, soft background music, peppermint tea by the bedside, nice wooly pair of socks, no make up and super moisturised skin…

That’s MY version of ME time 🙂


I recently discovered a newfound love to moisturize and pamper my skin during my “ME time” and I just had to share it with you. It’s the NIVEA Skin Delight – an Oil in Body Milk enriched with nourishing body milk, caring oil and nice floral fragrance.

Yes you hear it right! Floral fragrance! Anything floral makes me feel relaxed and how about having moisturised skin with floral scent whole day?!

NIVEA Skin Delight comes in two different scents – Glowing Rose & Relaxing Lavender.


My ME time is pretty simple. I usually love to chill myself at the balcony to enjoy the breeze at night by looking at the stars. That’s the best chilling moment together with NIVEA Skin Delight – Glowing Rose. I love the rose scent and it really smells so good while sitting on a swing and hugging with my pillows. Definitely love this. Don’t you?

Besides, Glowing Rose is the perfect lotion for everyday use. I do like to use it especially if I’m hanging out with my girls. It has this feminine rose scent that gives me confidence but the smell is not too overpowering; which is perfect!


Relaxing Lavender. The name of sounds promising already. After first testing it on the palms of my hands, it literally felt like I had the softest hands ever! I was genuinely shocked! I decided to give it a go and use it after shower (preferably in the evening).

After I turn on the soft music and make myself a cup of peppermint tea, I massage NIVEA Skin Delight all over my body in gentle circular motions. It truly delights my senses when I am applying the body milk. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft, and smelling great with the long-lasting fragrance.

Perfect ME time. Choose a soothing song to complete your routine. I like acoustics!


Get NIVEA Skin Delight to try now! Available at any supermarkets or pharmacies. The retail price for 250ml is RM 16.50 (now with introductory price: RM11.90) and 400ml is RM 21.90 (now with introductory price: RM17.50).

For more information, please visit:


Remember to make time for yourself girls! 🙂 You are important!

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