29 Dec What To Do in Ehime, Japan

I was given the opportunity to visit Ehime, Japan with two other blogger friends (BangsarBabe & Venice Min). Far away from the city Tokyo, Ehime is a breath of fresh air. I learned so many things after this trip. Be mindful as you go along 🙂 You’ll need to take a domestic plane from Tokyo to Matsuyama airport. My stay mostly revolved around Matsuyama city.

Day One

Our first stop was at Shirasu park in Ikata town. Shirasu means raw white bait anchovies. We had a tour of the factory and saw how it’s manufactured. We were given the golden opportunity to try out raw and semi cooked shirasu don as well. I was sceptical at first but after first bite, I was sold. It’s now my favourite thing and I cannot stop craving for it! Right now, the anchovies are sold domestically in Japan but it will be available at Isetan KL’s Ehime fair in march 2017.

We then went to Yawatahama mikan (orange) garden where we obviously picked fresh oranges! The skin is so much thinner than the regukar oranges we have here in KL. Dont I look cute in the gardener attire?

Uwajimaya was out second stop. It’s a fish factory basically. They produce Jyakoten (fishcakes) made out of ikan kembung + gmome fish.I made and fried and ate the fishcakes guys. Wifey material yet?

Day Two

In Matsuyama city, we visited a strawberry farm. I’ve never been to one so imagine my excitement! What they like to do is to get agricultural students to come here. Picks the best of the best strawberries daily to be sold in stores. There are 3 types of strawberries there which are Kannahime aka my fav, Akihime which is a bit tasteless if you ask me, and Benihoppe (sweet and sour).

Next two spots were the hakata salt factory and we dug out a bunch of sweet potatoes.


The same night, we stayed at a Minshuku. It’s a legit Japanese family’s home! The owner prepared us a home cooked meal for dinner. Apparently fish is seasonal and especially yummy in winter! However, special meals like these are made for visitors. Everyday life here, the Japanese her eats fish/meat & vege & pickles served with rice.

Day Three

Our first stop was a pottery factory in Tobeyaki, Matsuyama.

Karari, Uchiko Market which is extremely popular for its vegetables, handmade goods, restraunts & bakeries.

Moribun, Uchiko was build 124 years ago. Here I am, in between the bridge at Uchiko (内子) – which is a bit further from Matsuyama, Ehime. This historical district looks just as it did over 100 years ago, when the people of Uchiko made lots of 💰💵 through its wax and paper trade. We explored Kamihaga Residency and strolled around in Yokaichi Old Town where most of the town’s attractions can be found.

Our final stop before flying back to sunny Kuala Lumpur was in Hoda, where locals uses the barks of acorn trees and puts germ inside the log, then the mushrooms eat the log, then the log dies and becomes a natural fertiliser! This whole process takes about 6 years!

  • Leina
    Posted at 03:56h, 06 January Reply

    I always wanted to go to japan but tak kesampaian lagi..huhu.. Good info and the all the pictures are beautiful !!

  • Iqaa Lee
    Posted at 11:06h, 06 January Reply

    Such a good experienced & opportunities ❤❤❤

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