13 Mar I froze my fat!

Yes, you read that right! Before I start, I’d like to introduce to you what is Zimmer and how it works. Zimmer is a second generation of Cryo-Lipolysis, a fat-freezing procedure that non-invasively target fat cells only and eliminates them permanently. Forever. My clinic is located somewhere in Bangsar. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by 2 friendly nurses and I was asked to fill up a short registration form.

Before I went in for a consultation with the doctor, I had to weight myself and this machine was so accurate! It showed the percentage of my body fat, muscle mass and everything else. (first step)

Brought over by exclusive distributor NeoAsia, Zimmer’s second generation of Cryo-Lipolysis consists of two innovative and versatile medical machines designed for fat freezing and body contouring: Zimmer Z Wave Pro and Z Lipo systems.

(second step) the doctor to measured the width & length of my tummy fat.

This was the Z Lipo system machine.

The Z Lipo system is an extremely versatile device that comes with three
different applicators (small, medium and large) optimised to fit
different body shapes and sizes. It can treat body areas such as the
love handles and muffin tops.

While waiting..

The final step was using the Zimmer Z Wave Pro. The Z Wave Pro system uses radial
shockwave to tighten the connective tissue which improves skin firmness, elasticity and collagen regeneration on the abdomen, upper arm and cellulite on the legs and buttocks.

By combining Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro together using the technology of cryo-lipolysis and radial shockwave, the results of fat reduction is significant (20% of fats loss in 2-hours!).

The solution above is US FDA-approved (only for Shockwave) and German-engineered, which means the treatment is faster, the results is proven faster as well.

Starting price for the treatment is at minimum of RM1,500 – RM1,800 depending on the area of treatment (please contact Ageless Medispa, Bangsar for further details.)

For more info, here’s the website www.zimmer-aesthetics.com.sg

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    omg was it scary?? And how did you feel after the treatment was over? Xx

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    Today’s technology is so advanced, who would’ve thought freezing your fat was even possible back in the 60’s! I wish I could lose all my fat huhu. Hope this journey to reduce your fat and contour your body will be successful and safe! May your bod be hot for the bikini for Mr Future Husband 😜

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    This is one of the greatest innovation that I need in my life!! Whats the point of diet and exercise if you have a flabby tummy right 😂😂. Gonna try this treatment later to permanently get rid of tummy fats and have tummy like models 😏😏

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  • Syah_A
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    It Looks Interesting.. at first i thought okay i want to try thiss! but then i saw the price 😅.. but still for me the price sounds reasonable since the body fat will forever be gone.. ill save my money up and will give it a try insyaAllah.. Thanks for the post btw.. if not i wouldn’t know this exist haha.. 😄 xx

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    Omg did not know that you can freeze your fat! What was the end result? Did you see any difference from the treatment?

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    This is my first time ever learning about freeze em fats hehehe .never even know any idea about this, even, before. They look interrsting, but I’m very takut omg xo

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